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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flying Pig Expo - Pigfest!

Race Expo - Those Cincy folks love their P-I-G-S!  This was a great race from the very beginning.  Very organized and lots of things for you to look at.  Pigs, pigs, everywhere!

My mom and I spent the Saturday before the race at the expo.  She's only been to one other expo and is still not used to them.  She wanted to buy shirts, shoes, capris - and I had to tell her you don't buy those items at the expo!  You buy race souvenirs and that's it.

We both spent entirely too much money on race stuff. I picked up a nice men's jacket (no women's available) for half off at $60. The race packet included a shirt, backpack and a poster. Not bad for a $100 entry (early entry at that).
My mom and I


I think I'll save this one for her birthday card!

My mom getting treated for her PF.  She thought it was a good idea to spend 6 hours mowing barefoot using a tractor.  She went barefoot so she wouldn't get a tan line!  They taped her foot and recommended she wear the tape for at least 48 hours.  She wore it for 3 days.  And her foot still hurts. 

The race went GREEN this year.  All coupons were removed from the packet and made available online instead. Nifty idea!  Loved this solar pig.  Too cool.

So my mom had to have food after all of that walking and it was time for my pre-race meal.  So off to Rock Bottom for the Chicken Mac n Cheese for me.  Mom chose the Chicken Parmesan.  Only a 40 minute wait so photo op!  Lovely park with music playing.  I could have done with a few less baseball fans.  Nice time with my mom though.  Then off to bed!

Took practice to get this picture - like three tries!

Race recap to follow!

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