Losing a pet to cancer is one of the hardest things a person has to deal with. It's heartbreaking to watch your best friend fade because of something they didn't deserve. You can see the pain in their eyes and you feel helpless against it. I personally have faced this disease twice and both times my furry children fought a hard battle but eventually their little bodies couldn't take it anymore. So no one else has to face this pain, I've put together this blog to help raise money for canine cancer research.
This way there will always be a furry, friendly face on the other end of the leash!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


When I was out looking for someone to help me with my crusade against Canine Cancer, one person came forward with all the help one person could offer.  That person is Heather Ratynski, Director of Marketing & Operations at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Foundation.  I can't thank her enough for all that she's offered. 

Okay I can see your eyes are glazing over and you just want me to get to the good stuff.  So Heather and her friends at ACVIM donated some goodies (see photos below) for me to give to you animal lovers.  Especially the cuddly puppy dogs!  So look over the items and if you're feeling lucky, just follow the rules at the end of this post.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit my blog and wanting to learn more about Chase Away K9 Cancer and the ACVIM Foundation.  Hugs and sloppy puppy dog kisses!

This a beautiful cotton shirt with the Chase Away K9 Cancer logo on the front and Dock Dogs logo on the left sleeve.  There is nothing on the back of the shirt.  It is a unisex size large.

The goodies just kept coming out of the box! 

A Chase Away K9 Cancer Embroidered Patch and Tag/Zipper Pull. A Chase Away K9 Cancer wristband in a beautiful orange color.  Perfect color for the upcoming Spring fashions.  It says "Be Your Dogs Hero" and  "Chase Away K9 Cancer" in white lettering.

Here's the extra special item!  A Ceramic Treat Jar. 
It has the Chase Away K9 Cancer logo on one side and the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation logo on the other.  It is white with black paws and a red dog bone handle. 

In order to win the whole kit & kaboodle you must—Required
And for extra entries-
  • Link back to my awesome giveaway from your blog or FB page –Leave me a comment telling me you did so-One extra entry
  • Make a donation, in any amount, for Lynne's Rotties to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine HERE!! 5 extra entries! If you already have made a donation, please remind me!
The contest will end at 10 PM EST on March 13! And the winner will be generated by Random.org and announced on Monday, March 14th. 
Good luck everyone!


  1. Sweet!! Velcro and I already donated thru your link! But since mom isn't on her computer until the weekend- we can't do the other things until tomorrow!!! But we'll be back! Mom and I love giveaways!!!


    Velcro and mom Penny

  2. I'm not going to enter, because we don't have a dog YET, but I am going to post a link to this on my blog, because what an awesome cause!

  3. we became a fan of Chase Away K9 Cancer on Facebook-I'm going to post your blog on the Dogs with Blogs and Parents group page on Facebook!!

  4. we put a link to your bloggie on the DWB and parents group on facebook!

  5. Great website and blog. Extremely informative. I have two huskies that both have cancer, and one that is terminally ill. It is heart warming and heart wrenching reading the website. Thank you fro sharing it with us.

  6. I have added your Facebook page aas well I am not following your blog! Thanks http://luvmysibes.blogspot.com

  7. I watched the video and it was sad! But then again I had a hard time this weekend cause I am really missing Carin (I know, it was kidney failure and not cancer, but it is still very sad!).

  8. Freddie and Charlie would love that cookie jar! I just have to make sure it is up where Charlie can't get it. Did I tell you about that?

  9. Freddie went in to the vet about a month ago for his 6 month check up. The next day I guess he really wanted to see the vet again so he and Charlie got into some chicken bones (my sister and the boys had hot wings for dinner). WHile we were at the vet to get the bones removed Charlie realized there was a jar of cookies on the counter and I was giving him enough of them so all 90+ pounds of him jumped up on the counter to get them! Stuff flew everywhere! Even the vet was laughing when he fell off and looked around like "what?"

  10. the survivor stories are fabulous!

  11. I liked on facebook! thanks for letting me know about this!!

  12. I think the whole page is wonderful. There are not many foundations for canine cancer out there, so I think it is awesome anytime I see one. It hurts to lose a dog to cancer! I have to get ready for work this morning, but I would like to go back to the page to read some of the stories and see where else I can help.

    Good luck with your giveaway!