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This way there will always be a furry, friendly face on the other end of the leash!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recovery Week - Doggie Birthday Party

Well this past week was a recovery week and I'm glad it was because I was not in the mood to run.  My energy level was so low this week.  New shoes on Tuesday (Nimbus 12s) didn't even raise my mood.  I was only able to push out 7 during the week.  However, on Saturday, the weather was spectacular and I said I was going to do all of my miles.  And that is what I did.  All 8 in 40 degree weather.  The first three were the worst.  My legs were screaming at me because of the new shoes and my Garmin was saying you're going too slow.  So I said screw it and just ran.  I got out of my head.  Stopped worrying about how my stride was, how my pace was going.  I just plodded along at a nice even pace.  It wasn't a pretty run, but I ran the majority of it.  The last 3 felt great and I actually hated that it had to end.  Beautiful January day!

Sunday was a lot better.  It was nice to sleep in with the puppies.  Summer, my almost nine month old Rottie, as usual wouldn't let me sleep in too late.  She knew I promised them a trip to the dog park today.  When we do go to the park, we usually get going early, but I was wanting for a change so we went late.  Both Scout, my Aussie Shepherd/Blue Heeler/Rottweiler, and Summer had fun at the park.  Summer made some new friends: two Rotties and a few Dachshunds she decided were fun to chase.  Big scary doggie!  Scout was the perfect dog.  Always by my side.  Unless she was protecting her best bud, Summer. 

Afterwards, they both were beat.  All of us couldn't keep our eyes open.  So, it became nap time for all of us.  Then it was birthday cake time.  After all that I've been through with my dogs, I know that each day is special, but birthdays are EXTRA special.  This one was Scout's 11th.  She's been a very good girl this year and put up with so much what with Jersey Girl's cancer/chemo/passing and the introduction of Summer to the family.  The girls at the Woodmen Wag n' Wash made her an "Older than DIRT" cake.  It was apple flavored, but looked like dirt.  She loved it (and shared with Summer after some growling). 

The birthday girl!

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  1. I love doggie birthdays! happy barkday Scout!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!! I am an avid fan of the "doggie" bamboo shirts that i run in! I buy them from www.gypsyrunner.com-I would only buy the bamboo shirts!!! they are the best! Please tell Amy that penny and velcro sent you over-Amy and her husband are huge animal lovers who run!!!!

    I'm going to donate to your charity!!